Training programs

These programs provide exercisesessions in set bulk amounts (as shown below) which focus on stable and consistent progress. Every program is designed and developed, using your current individual cardio and muscular physical information to provide an effective and relevant program structure.

Each session typically lasts for 1 hour, beginning with a short warm up period, followed by exercise time (depending on your fitness level), and finishing with a sort allocated time for necessary stretches.

Every program will begin at a level relative to your physical capabilities, then progress normally every 4 sessions

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Bronze package

  • 12 x (1hr) PT sessions
  • Nutritional advice                                                                                               

Silver package

  • 15 x (1hr)PT sessions
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Basic FOOD plan

Gold package

  • 20 x (1hr) PT sessions
  • Nutritional food plan
  •  6 x1hr solo  program